The best way to measure you customer’s product experience.

3PM Solutions equips Brands, Sellers and Agencies with cutting edge powerful software solutions

to monitor their products and brand identity online.

3PM Watch: AI-Powered Digital Content Management

Successful online selling requires efficient product listings.  Let 3PM Watch help you do this correctly to optimize your products and boost your sales.

  • 3PM leverages machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence to help monitor your ecommerce listings.

  • Insights are only valuable if they are acted on – We enable leaders to take action at the earliest opportunity.

  • 3PM collects, transforms and analyzes unstructured data at scale.

3PM Connect: AI-Powered Online Reputation Management

Consumers are talking about your brand and sharing their experiences with your products.  3PM Review allows you to see all your product reviews in a single location and get key insights on your customers experience.

  • Market leaders with the most complete review data in the market

  • Quickly respond to user feedback with out custom integrated browser extension.

  • Proprietary classification tool allowing access to one of a kind product and customer experience information

3PM Shield: AI-Powered Brand Protection and Fraud Prevention

Protecting your brand is time consuming.

  • Setting up searches based on keywords to find your listings is archaic- 3PM’s Search engine is the future.

  • Stop wasting time finding, reporting and monitoring if the infringement has been removed.

  • 3PM makes an impossible task EASY. Spend your time being more productive and less bogged down in the details.

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